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The new and easy way to raise money for your favourite charity by having friends over for a meal.

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  • 1. Plan your dinner Choose your charity and invite friends via Dinner4Good
  • 2. Invite friends Your friends respond and donate via this website
  • 3. Everyone benefits Have a great dinner and raise money for a good cause!

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Recent dinners

Mandy H
Raised £480.00 for The Albert Kennedy Trust

Jane A
Raised £50.00 for Animals Asia Foundation

Lorna M
Raised £105.00 for ERIC

Jayne M
Raised £170.00 for City Hearts

Isabel G
Raised £170.00 for Music In Hospitals

Nikki E
Raised £50.00 for Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau Limited

Cathy C
Raised £70.00 for Brixham Does Care

Mike W
Raised £90.00 for Save the Children

Christie A
Raised £105.00 for The Cardiomyopathy Association

Hilary S
Raised £80.00 for Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Jose Estevez &
Raised £885.00 for The Albert Kennedy Trust

Erika W
Raised £265.00 for Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land

Pilar G
Raised £65.00 for 1625 Independent People

Stephanie A
Raised £70.00 for ActionAid

Amy R
Raised £140.00 for The Fairtrade Foundation

Chloe D
Raised £30.00 for FRAME

Roy S
Raised £50.00 for Tools for Self Reliance

James S
Raised £205.00 for The Albert Kennedy Trust

paul a
Raised £125.00 for Dame Hannah Rogers School

Teresa L
Raised £130.00 for Gua Africa

Annie S
Raised £150.00 for Opening Doors London

Ann S
Raised £84.00 for Soil Association

Shirley B
Raised £75.00 for c4c

Jennifer M
Raised £150.00 for Rotary Club Of Haslemere

Katarina J
Raised £50.00 for RSPCA Bristol Dogs and Cats

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