Raise money for charity and enjoy a meal with friends

The new and easy way to raise money for your favourite charity by having friends over for a meal.

Host a dinner How it works
  • 1. Plan your dinner Choose your charity and invite friends via Dinner4Good
  • 2. Invite friends Your friends respond and donate via this website
  • 3. Everyone benefits Have a great dinner and raise money for a good cause!

Watch our 'how it works' video

How it works video

Recent dinners

Jane G
Raised £85.00 for Dyslexia Action

Sian B
Raised £487.00 for One25

Rob K
Raised £40.00 for The Fairtrade Foundation

Katarina J
Raised £50.00 for RSPCA Bristol Dogs and Cats

Fraser K
Raised £145.00 for World Society for the Protection of Animals

Vivien S
Raised £100.00 for City Hearts

Liz B
Raised £40.00 for GardenAfrica

Teresa L
Raised £130.00 for Gua Africa

Julian C
Raised £40.00 for LATCH

Shabnam M
Raised £86.47 for Ebrahim Community College

Glenda T
Raised £50.00 for Barnardo's

Sarah C
Raised £145.00 for Barnardo's

Niki B
Raised £50.00 for Heart Your Smile

James W
Raised £110.00 for 1625 Independent People

Amy R
Raised £140.00 for The Fairtrade Foundation

Stephanie A
Raised £80.00 for Alzheimers Society

Melanie K
Raised £30.00 for Prospect Hospice

Simon E
Raised £600.00 for Fledglings Family Services

Andreina W
Raised £355.00 for Action Duchenne

Madeline B
Raised £502.00 for Gua Africa

Jim O
Raised £100.00 for 1625 Independent People

Korilyn D
Raised £140.00 for Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK

debbie g
Raised £140.00 for Pregnancy Sickness Support

Cathy C
Raised £70.00 for Brixham Does Care

Mark B
Raised £260.00 for Friends Of Asha

Some of the charities with their own pages on Dinner4Good

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