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How much money does a charity receive?

Important note:

The donor’s credit card statement will show “Tech Trust” as the name of the recipient.

On average a charity receives about 112% of the money that’s donated for each dinner party. The additional 12% comes from the tax office because most donations qualify for Gift Aid

Dinner4Good has been designed to be both very secure and to ensure that as much money as possible gets to the charity. So:

  • Hosts can select to support any UK registered charity (overseen by the UK Government’s Charity Commission)
  • Donations will always be secure as Tech Trust handles the monies
  • Gift Aid is properly claimed and collected

Our two partners that help achieve this are Everyclick Ltd and Tech Trust. Tech Trust takes and holds the on-line donations and also claims the Gift Aid. They pass the money to the charity - typically around the middle of each month (it appears as “Tech Trust - Dinner4Good.com” on the bank statement.

Here’s how the costs work out:

Everyclick and Tech Trust charge 4.8% of the donation (in total for both organisations) and 4% of the Gift Aid to cover the credit card processing, banking and money transfers.

Dinner4Good's fee is approximately 5%. It’s actually 6.25% of the donation and 0% of the Gift Aid - but as 95% of donations are eligible for Gift Aid, this works out to be 5% on average. This charge allows us to build and operate the website and give help to the charities so that they get as much benefit as possible.

On average, a charity spends 15%-25% of it’s income in fundraising costs (click here to see details) - so Dinner4Good is a pretty efficient fundraising method for charities.

The table below shows a simplified summary with an example dinner that has had 120 in donations, all of which are eligible for Gift Aid.

Item Totals % of total
Donations from dinner party £120.00  
Gift Aid from Tax Office £30.00  
Total income £150.00  
Tech Trust/Everyclick charge £6.96 4.64%
Dinner4Good charge £7.50 5%
Total costs £14.46 9.64%
Total received by charity £135.54  

An average dinner raises about £120 in donations, meaning, typically, the charity will receive roughly £136.

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