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Where the money flows

We like to be as open as possible about the financial side of the service - so here's a quick explanation.

Some background

Firstly, there's no set-up fees or monthly charges.

All the money is handled by Tech Trust, a registered charity (number 327489). We arrange for the donation to be securely taken from the donor's credit card and for the Gift Aid to be claimed on your behalf.

To cover our costs, Dinner4Good receives 5% of the total money (to be precise it's 6.25% of the donation and 0% of the Gift Aid) and Tech Trust retains 4.8% of the donation (and 4% of the Gift Aid) for their costs.

That means that a charity typically receives 112% of the amount that's donated.

Processing fees

Example donation £120.00
Credit card and transaction charges (4.8% & 4% of Gift Aid) -£6.96
Dinner4Good operating costs (6.25%) -£7.50
Sub total £105.54
Gift Aid (+25% of original donation amount) +£30.00
Charity receives £135.54

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