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Time to cook: 2 hours (incl prep)

MAIN: Green Thai Chicken Curry

This delicious curry can be adapted to suit your own tastes. If you’re not into very hot and spicy food just try it with less of the curry paste.

When cooked for longer or when reheated the aubergine sometimes ‘melts’ into the sauce - don’t worry, it still tastes wonderful!  


Serves 6-8

  • Chicken breasts x 4 (sliced)
  • Choose 3 of the following - courgettes, aubergine, carrots, french beans, sugar snap peas, mange tout, baby corn. You can vary the quantity according to what you or your guests might like best. As the dish isn’t served with veg on the side it’s good to be generous!
  • Coconut milk x 2
  • Green curry paste x 2 dessertspoon
  • Chicken stock cube
  • Lime leaves x 4
  • Fresh basil - sweet basil, if you can get it, if not, ordinary basil works too.
  • Granulated sugar x 3 dessertspoons (this takes off the edge if it ends up too hot, so just put 2 in to begin with and see what the heat is like)


1. Start preparing about 2 hours before serving.

2. Skim one tablespoon of coconut milk from the top of the tin (the top bit is usually a bit thicker than the rest, so try to use that if possible) and heat until just bubbling, then add 1 dessertspoonful of green curry paste, mix together and then turn the heat down.

3. Add chicken, 1 dessertspoon of sugar and cook until outside of chicken has turned white, then...

4. Add veg (if your using mange tout or sugar snaps you can add them later so they stay a bit crispy), rest of coconut milk (half fill the empty tin with water to rinse it out and add to the curry) and crumble in 1 chicken stock cube, 2 lime leaves

5. Simmer for at least 40 minutes - if it’s cooked for a bit longer the flavours will mingle together better. It’s also good made the day before and then reheated, although it’s always good to add the fresh basil at the last minute.

6. Stir in a good handful of fresh basil (to taste) before serving.  

Serve with...

Long grain rice... jasmine or sticky rice makes an interesting change.

Accompanying courses...


  • Stir fried prawns
  • Asian tuna


  • Key lime pie


Recipe author: The Dinner4Good team

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