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About Soil Association

The Soil Association is a membership charity campaigning for healthy, organic food available to all, produced with respect for the environment and the welfare of farm animals. Share organic food with your friends and family, celebrate good food and help raise money for the Soil Association.

We’re reaching a cross roads for the future of British farming with increasing numbers of mega farming units being proposed around the country. The Soil Association needs your support if we are to continue to fight the introduction of these units and safeguard a sustainable farming future for the UK. By taking part in The Big Organic Eat-In you will be helping us continue to raise awareness and fight against factory-style farms where animals will spend little or no time outdoors and where threats posed to human health are on the increase due to high levels of antibiotic use. 

To show your support for a more sustainable food and farming future, and raise money to support our work, why not join our Big Organic Eat-in? Whether it’s a dinner, a breakfast, a cake sale, or a pot-lunch at work, our resources and recipes can be adapted to make your event a great success. All you have to do is share your reasons to love organic food and farming and remember to collect those donations.

For help with your meal planning see our recipe ideas from some of the UK's top chefs, our top tips for ‘Organic on a Budget’ and while you're at it why not check out our five reasons why organic food offers great value for both your wallet and for the planet.

We also want your guests to make a donation to support to our work, and to help make this easy, we've partnered with Dinner4Good, simply register your event on our page on Dinner4Good, add the emails of your invitees, and the site will manage invitations and guest lists, and as an added bonus it can collect and process any donations from guests securely and efficiently – leaving you free to concentrate on the cooking.

Once your 'Eat-in' is finished, we want to hear about it. So please take lots of photos and upload them to our Flickr photo album or share them on our Facebook page.

Most of all, enjoy yourselves – Organic food and farming is based around respect for natural processes, and what could be more respectful than celebrating and enjoying the end product with your friends? 

Getting started

  1. Register your event
  2. Download a Fundraising Pack full of tips and resources
  3. Download a Materials Pack including place cards, invitations and menus
  4. Get menu planning - see the Soil Association website for recipe ideas
  5. Have a fabulous event. Don’t forget to take photos, spread the Soil Association message and collect those important donations
  6. Send in your donations via Dinner4Good

Please make sure you register your event so we can thank you for all your hard work. For more advice and support with your event contact Abi Edgar, Membership Coordinator on 0117 314 5181.

Organic food is an accessible, everyday choice for everyone with no hidden costs. To help with your meal planning you can download our top tips for ‘Organic on a Budget’ and while you're at it why not check out our five reasons why organic products offer great value for both your wallet and for the planet.

Thank you for choosing to support the Soil Association and using Dinner4Good.com, we wish you the best of luck and a fantastic event!

Watch our 'how it works' video

How it works video

Recent dinners

  • Ann S
    Raised £84.00 for Soil Association
  • Penny W
    Raised £35.00 for Soil Association
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