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1 meal could generate over £140k!

Calculating this is quite simple. We've made some assumptions, which are actually quite conservative in comparison to the market research, so that it's possible to work out how many dinners would be held over a 5 year period.

Here's the assumptions we've used:

  • A supporter starts the ball rolling by hosting a dinner
  • 1 guest from each meal holds a Dinner4Good 10 weeks later
  • Each host is 50% likely to hold another dinner in 6 months
  • An average dinner has 5 guests
  • An average guest donates £10 (£50 for the meal)
140k diagram

Over 5 years this adds up to a total of 2,507 dinners with 12,537 guests donating a total of £125,367 and claiming a total of £31,593 Gift Aid. After taking off the cost of providing this service, a total of £143,696 will be delivered to charities.

Please note that this money will be delivered by Tech Trust to the charities that are nominated by the dinner hosts. If you'd like a copy of the spreadsheet that this is based on please email us.

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