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About Dinner4Good?

We are based in Bath – about 100 miles west of London. We help UK charities raise money. We do it by giving our website a friendly / dinner feel with an easy / helpful process that’s backed up by solid technology and good commercial agreements.

Dinner4Good is a new way for supporters to generate funds for the cause they care about. Having friends over for dinner is fun and our website makes it easy to have the meal in aid of a charity - turning a good dinner with friends into a great event.

Any UK charity can use the system without having to invest in a complex web-application.

Bryan Sergeant

Dinner4Good was created by Bryan Sergeant.

"“I had the idea after a knee injury meant that I couldn’t raise sponsorship by running for the cancer charity that I’d supported. Who knows where ideas come from, but my background is in IT and telecom businesses and the concept for Dinner4Good just evolved over a few months in 2008. We did market research to see if people would like and use the idea and were amazed at how positive the response was. I also realised that any charity could benefit from the idea. So we designed the site to have a ‘dinner feel’ and to be really easy for charities, supporters and donors to use. A key has been to give the site and the invitations a friendly, dinner-with-friends feel so that donors who visit the site are in the ‘giving mood’ when they accept".

Prior to setting-up Dinner4Good, Bryan was a founding board member of uSwitch.com, a Director at Telewest Communications (now Virgin Media), the Chief Executive of a DTI subsidiary, the Chief Operating Officer of an AIM listed business, Head of Global Marketing for the energy division of Hawker Siddeley and has held senior / board positions in corporates, SMEs and start-ups in the IT, telecoms and other sectors for over 25 years.

Dinner4Good works closely with Everyclick, who make it easy for hosts to choose the charity they want to support, and Tech Trust (a registered charity, number 327489), who handle your money and collect the Gift Aid.

We've designed the Dinner4Good site to be as easy as possible for everyone:

The team behind Dinner4Good

Lots of people have been and are responsible for making and running Dinner4Good.

We'd like to give a special thanks to the following people:

To all the above people and to the many others, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom we may have inadvertently missed off the list (sincere apologies)... a massive "Thank You" for your encouragement, skills and contributions throughout the development, launch and running of Dinner4Good.

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